Glasses of champagne at a dinner dating event.


We’ve been hosting dinner and party events in Norfolk and Suffolk for the last three years, with great success.

We have held 55 events in eight different venues around Norfolk and Suffolk, and we hope to broaden our net to other areas in the future.

We aim to bring together people whom we think will get along well. Our aim is for you to meet as many new people as possible.

As well as enjoying some of the finest restaurant food on offer, we’ve also organised special trips to places such as Seething Observatory for an evening of stargazing, and historical recreations at the Tudor mansion at Kentwell Hall.

Our future events will include:

  • A weekend cookery class followed by lunch;
  • An evening dinner with 10 people, with the opportunity to move around the table during dessert;
  • Big parties of 30 people or more, held just a few times a year, which will be advertised broadly and open to both members and non-members.

Dinner dating events for all ages

Events are generally organised by age group, so you have a chance to meet people of a similar age.

If you’re new to our events, you’re bound to have lots of questions. If there is anything not covered in our FAQ events section, feel free to get in touch.

To book upcoming events, you must contact us directly to confirm your booking. These are limited, numbered events.

Please note

All dinner dating events are cancelled until the coronavirus pandemic is under control. Once things have calmed down, we will be aiming to host three parties and four dinners a year.

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