Finding a great partner should be the top consideration in your life. It will affect every aspect of your life: your family, your friends and your career. It will also mean you can relax properly, which is what many people want to do most in a relationship.

Photo by Chris Kleponis | Getty Images

Below is a link to a brilliant article about the American billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffett. He believes that making money means nothing without having another person, such as a spouse, to share the wealth with, according to a recent interview with Forbes.

“It’s much more fun achieving things in life with a partner, there’s no question about it,” Buffett, said. “Whom you marry, which is the ultimate partnership, is enormously important in determining the happiness in your life and your success and I was lucky in that respect.”

Buffett told Forbes that his wife Susan taught him a lot about investing. He also credits Susan with teaching him to open himself up to the world emotionally.

A study published by Carnegie Mellon University backs up Buffett’s sage advice; it found that people with supportive spouses are “more likely to give themselves the chance to succeed”.