Be safe, be sensible. Do you know who you’re meeting when you agree to meet someone you’ve contacted online? Wouldn’t it be great If you could check people out more, or speak to someone who had met them already?

Dating can be precarious at the best of times, and the nerves and expectations don’t help. We tend to be more reckless when we’re young and independent; we act as if we’re immortal, but we’re not and situations can change very quickly.

Please don’t get drunk with your dates, it’s not a good look. Never accept a lift home, or let your date hear your home address. Have it on a piece of paper that you hand to the taxi driver, or use a taxi firm with an app that you can program remotely with your address.

Keep your most personal information back for when you know your new friend better. Of course, 99% of people are very genuine and honest; but it’s worth being sensible, especially in these strange times.