Hi everybody, I hope you’re keeping well. Although we continue to go through a really testing time, I’ve been very busy preparing for the launch of Catalyst Matchmaking.

Firstly, I’m delighted to announce the launch of my new website at catalystmatchmaking.com. It’s been a long time in the making, and the coronavirus outbreak (more of which later) certainly hasn’t helped. I’d like to thank Ian Pegg of Egg Cup Web Design and Matt Colley of Edidit for their invaluable support and professionalism in making the site a reality.

Now I have a brand-new business with a great website, and it’s all very exciting. The Catalyst Matchmaking website should bring lots of new people into the fold, allowing me to offer many ways for them to meet people. It’s more professional, more sustainable and much more focused than the individual dinner dating events I was doing before. It’s now time for me and my team to focus with clear heads and help others to find the happiness they deserve in their one precious life.

Secondly, I was very lucky to be given an opportunity to write an article for the Eastern Daily Press about helping single people during lockdown, which you can see here: https://www.edp24.co.uk/features/tips-for-staying-sane-during-lockdown-when-you-re-single-brigid-hayward-opinion-1-6634199. The main point of the article is to use this time wisely. I believe that when you get bored is when the real creativity starts. Boredom is when our brains can play a bit; normally they’re too busy. I’m sure lots more inspiration and creativity is going to come out of this lockdown. The value of working on yourself is immeasurable. Good self-worth increases your emotional intelligence and feeling of security, and in turn you will be happier and more relaxed.

Finally, it’s important to mention the impact of Covid-19 specifically. Sometimes when a door closes, a rather interesting window opens. Most of us have time on our hands: loads of it, day after day. Things are still and quiet; the world feels as if it has stopped. Reality has hit us all, and we don’t sweat the small stuff so much; the important things are clearer.

We are so grateful for the one hour’s exercise that we used to grimace at. Gardens in the sunlight are calling to people; if they can’t buy plants, they’re sowing seeds. There has been a huge surge in gardening, and especially in growing organic vegetables. The fact you’re still allowed to work on an allotment is very positive.

The world will get back to normal and be a better place after this; people will be the priority again, and communities will be stronger and more inclusive. People will be so grateful to meet real people again, and have a joy and openness that will make them ready for great friendships.

In the meantime, however, we are very happy to accept new applications to join the Catalyst Matchmaking family; even though we can’t facilitate real-life meetups at the moment, we can still get our thinking caps on and be working out some matches for you. We can also help people to exchange contact details so they can chat online until the restrictions are lifted.