Before I started Catalyst Matchmaking, I put on dinner dating events for three years; this taught me a great deal about people. I learnt that 99% of the singles I meet are lovely, genuine and kind. You are all so different; no one is the same, not even nearly the same!

Of course, finding a life partner is a competitive and sometimes scary situation. However, once we embrace it, competition can bring out the best in us; it can wake us up and make us suddenly feel our needs, wants and desires.

Nerves are huge (although I like to think of it as excitement), but once the food comes out it tends to relax everyone. It’s so healthy to meet new people over food; it’s a really energising experience. The feedback I received from these evenings was so much more than I expected… I really miss those positive vibes!

The big ‘takeaway’ that I’ve gained from all those dinner dates, though, is that people who find themselves single need lots of single people in their lives. It’s not always about finding ‘the one’; it’s about finding lots of ‘ones’ in the same boat as you, who you can share your experiences with and develop some solidarity.