The rule of threes: it’s a well-known thing. There are three things you need to have to give yourself the best chance of finding a strong relationship: space, time and focus. If you’re serious about finding a great relationship, you need to make room to concentrate on the potential partners who may come along.

Prioritise what is most important: your hobbies, your career or your happiness? I made a conscious decision to put finding a relationship before my career. I looked 10 years down the line and considered what would make me happier in the long run.

Also on the rule of threes, I believe there are three basic needs for a functional relationship: respect, trust and kindness. If one of these is missing, it’s hard to love and be loved. These are very basic requirements, often overlooked in this modern busy social media age.

To ensure these three things are present and prevalent in a relationship, they also require time, space and focus. Eating together, reading together or even just making time to talk together before you go to sleep: these will all help to strengthen the bond between you and a partner.