‘The one’ does not exist. Everyone is different, and there are many partners out there that would suit you.

I have met so many hundreds of different people in this line of work, and it’s astonishing how different we all are. We all have our own unique bank of experiences, dreams, preferences and characteristics. How can nature be so clever to make us all so very different? It never fails to amaze me.

There are many partners you could have a wonderful life with, and each partner would offer you a slightly different life. It’s fascinating how people change with a partner; both parties want to blossom and grow. And, of course, that’s what I want for every one of you!

As I said last week, it’s important to meet as many single people as you can, but ultimately we all want to be with a person who makes us feel great, supported, trusted and respected.

Just remember that there are many possible variants of that person, and they don’t need to tick every single one of your boxes to make a huge positive difference to your life.

I think the eminent Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung put it very well: “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”