Wow, what a scary time we’re living in. Everyone is feeling alarmed and scared; but remember, it’s okay to feel scared. It’s okay to have a tearful moment or two, or even a full-on primal scream every once in a while!

We certainly are living through a dramatic point in history. At the moment we have more time for dating, but it’s harder to meet in person; indeed, in the current lockdown it’s impossible. Different considerations have come into play now with dating: the ability to use technology, the way you talk to a camera and writing well are all coming into play.

Obviously the face-to-face aspects such as body language, pheromones and chemistry are not as important now, which is a shame. Virtual dates are becoming the only way forward, and I have started setting them up for my clients. For example, you could both go for a walk at the same time in real life with your phones on and talk to each other as you go. Or you could both book a restaurant takeaway, light candles, get some fresh flowers and have a virtual date.

It’s a good idea to take the time before a date to think about things you can talk about, such as favourite films, music and books. There are always plenty of subjects on which you can chew the fat; it’s probably best to steer clear of really heavy subjects like politics or religion, though.