Write down your thoughts.

When was the last time you wrote something down? Many of us have a tendency to use our electronic devices for most of our interpersonal communications. We text, we use WhatsApp, we call, we email… but we don’t use handwriting anywhere near as much as we used to. For starters, writing down your thoughts is […]

Christmas can be hard.

Savoir-faire: Week 10. A happy, family-oriented Christmas period can be a hard time for anyone who is not in a warm home with their family, or is stuck in an unhappy or unfulfilling relationship (which can actually be lonelier than being on your own). Christmas makes us emotional. It’s easy to see other couples and […]

There are many ‘the one’ ‘s!

‘The one’ does not exist. Everyone is different, and there are many partners out there that would suit you. I have met so many hundreds of different people in this line of work, and it’s astonishing how different we all are. We all have our own unique bank of experiences, dreams, preferences and characteristics. How […]

Think friends as well as dating.

Let’s be friends: how I wish I could pull the words ‘dating’ and ‘matchmaker’ out of the business I run! The concept of ‘dating’ is simply meeting new people. Even if you do end up ‘dating’, or in a relationship – or even married! – you are likely to just be friends to start with. […]

Technology in Lockdown.

I hope you are coping okay as this lockdown enters its second week. I promise you, you are not alone. There are many, many single people out there, living on their own just as you are, all over the world. Technology is our lifesaver in these troubled times. Contact interest groups you’re interested in; join […]


So here we are again, at the start of another lockdown. We all suspected it was coming, but it seemed to arrive rather suddenly. For those of you living on your own, I can only imagine how hard it must be, and I really feel for you. Whenever something bad happens to me, or something […]

On being alone.

On being alone: I spent years trying to find a great partner. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my own company; but, in the long term, looking at every potential big event and decision, I knew I wanted more. Some people genuinely prefer to live on their own: it’s peaceful, tidy and calm, and it’s […]

The rule of three’s.

The rule of threes: it’s a well-known thing. There are three things you need to have to give yourself the best chance of finding a strong relationship: space, time and focus. If you’re serious about finding a great relationship, you need to make room to concentrate on the potential partners who may come along. Prioritise […]


Be safe, be sensible. Do you know who you’re meeting when you agree to meet someone you’ve contacted online? Wouldn’t it be great If you could check people out more, or speak to someone who had met them already? Dating can be precarious at the best of times, and the nerves and expectations don’t help. […]

Slowly does it with private information.

Slowly does it! When you meet someone new, how much do you tell them? Do nerves make you say a bit more than you meant to? Try to remind yourself to stay calm and composed; there is nothing more exciting than a bit of mystery. And when it’s your turn to talk, remember that your […]